Go! Pro-Shakes

The Healthy Snack You've Been Searching For!

These Shakes are a Perfect, Healthy, Anytime Snack and Recovery
Drink for Kids and Teens.

  • 120 Nutrient Rich Calories
  • 12 g of Muscle Strengthening Protein
  • 12 g of Energizing Carbohydrates
  • 3 g of Healthy Fat
  • 3 g of Fiber for Digestive Health
  • 228 mgs of Brain Sharpening Omega 3s
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12

When you blend the mix with milk, you get a Very Satisfying and Energy Replenishing Snack that KIDS LOVE!


GO! Pro-Shakes are very affordable, easy to make, and can give any kid a nutritional edge in sports and academia. I not only approve, I highly recommend!

-Dr. Bryce Mitchell
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Go! Pro-Shakes


  • Great, Healthy Replacement for Junk Food
  • Low Sugar / Aspartame Free
  • Great for Typical “Breakfast Skippers”
  • Formulated for Growing Kids and Young Adults
  • Perfect Snack Before or After Sporting Events
  • Great for Young Athletes Who Want a Nutritional Edge
  • Easy to Make / Tastes Great!